Friday 13 June 2014

Poltava, the amazing historic ship project

Building a wooden boat using modern techniques and equipment takes a huge amount of skill and precision woodworking. When you scale that up to a ship with displacement of up to 1,200 tonnes, the technical complexities that have to be overcome are enormous. What if your ambitious project is to faithfully recreate an Oak built fighting ship of the Russian Navy from 1712? Now you are on a whole new level of woodworking challenge! Check out these images of a work in progress right now in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is no backyard weekend hobby, this truly amazing project is testing men, materials and machines to the limits, in a purpose-built facility.
The team are using extensively researched construction plans, with very little surviving records to start with. They have the advantage of some modern tools to ensure they can faithfully reproduce the original lines, though huge technical challenges still lie ahead.

The following Russian language video gives you a good look round the yard and some of the work going on there right now. Check out the Triton Tools going through their paces on a really demanding hardwood project. You can find the video here: The Poltava build Video

The website for this project is in Russian but the miracle of Google translate does make it easy enough to understand what they are working on! Find out more about the project here: The Poltava Website

We will be coming back to the Poltava project to check on its progress in the months ahead. Let us know if you're planning a project of your own that you think the Tritonites would be keen to see.
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