Friday 16 January 2015

Reaching Nirvana Through Sharpening

Woodworking professionals come in as many forms as the work they produce, from robust timber buildings to the most delicate pierced bobbin or artwork. Our Masters of Wood series continues to seek out both excellence and enthusiasm from the world of woodworking to share.

This week we have an interview with Charles Beresford, a craftsman and cabinetmaker based in Germany, who describes his approach as “Krenovian”, in the style of James Krenov.  For Charles, like many of the finest craftspeople we have met, there is an essential truth within wood that their shaping and trimming can reveal. Key to his success are the tools, in particular the hand tools that he uses.  Charles explains how in his opinion an edge “can be only sharp, nothing else”.  

As our interview concluded Charles began to tell us about his “Porsche”, a hand built wooden plane with a foot made of English Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus). Almost too pretty to use, we are pleased to be able to share his enthusiasm for this most ancient of precision tools.

Both of these short films were shot at the Knysna Working with Wood Festival in October 2014. Be sure to check out our earlier post from the Working with Wood Festival. To find out more about Charles and his work, visit his website: 


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