Friday 18 November 2016

In conversation with Matt Cremona

Matt Cremona is an emerging star from the rapidly-growing community of craft professionals who generate at least part of their income from sharing knowledge and skills online to encourage the next generation of woodworkers.

Where Matt differs from most however, is his unique enthusiasm and experience of taking his work all the way from milling his own locally-salvaged timber, to creating fine furniture and other projects. Matt shares his work via his weekly shop updates on his YouTube channel, his website, a very active Instagram account, and regular podcasts with fellow woodworkers.
Matt’s content features not only his own work and progress on current projects but also the work of others, who send him their own project details, as inspiration for the wider community.

In this short film, Matt talks about the motivation behind his career change from software engineer to professional woodworker and communicator. Matt is working with Triton, supporting our brand champion program, providing feedback for product development, and supporting Triton with personal appearances at major trade shows and exhibitions. 

Check out Matts great content on his website and by subscribing to his channel onYouTube or follow daily progress on his projects on Instagram. 


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