Thursday 6 February 2014

Triton Demonstration Workshops - Southern Africa

With many skills-based creative pastimes, it can take many years to perfect your techniques and woodworking is no exception. Choosing the right tools for the job as well as understanding how to get the most impressive results can take a long time to master.
For many years Triton Power Tools in South Africa has held annual workshop tours, both to introduce people to the latest technology from the range and to demonstrate how to get the best results from each product.
The most recent round of thirty six project workshops were held at local dealers across South Africa, where an invited audience were treated to detailed demonstrations on how to create a wall mounted cabinet with a raised panel door.
Hosted by Triton guru Greg De Villiers, a typical workshop lasted around 1 ½ hours in which time the project was completed from start to finish. Numerous tools and accessories were used including the Series 2000 WorkCentre and extension table.

The Triton Router Table was a highlight of the workshops, together with some of the associated accessories such as the Triton Finger Jointer (for the cabinet construction), Biscuit Jointer (attaching of the gable) and Jigsaw Kit (for roughly cutting out the gable profile). A number of core routing skills and functions were demonstrated each evening including template making, flush trim cutting and edge planning. Many people were amazed at the ease at which the raised panel door was constructed within the time. The Triton Router and accessories really make production of seemingly complex projects straightforward. The project plans for the wall mounted cabinet were made available to all customers attending so they can practice their new found skills in their own workshops.
The feedback from the more than 650 woodworkers who attended and the dealerships who hosted the project workshops was overwhelmingly positive. The series will continue from February to May in South Africa and then move to Namibia and Botswana in June.
If you would like to watch Greg creating the wall cabinet or portable toolbox projects from the roadshows check out our video archive


  1. Thanks for share.......... I hope in future it will be really helpful for us......

  2. Where can I get the timetable for these workshops? Can they be emailed to me?

    1. Hi,

      As soon as the timetable for the new round of shows is complete, we will put it on our blog and our website, so keep checking back for more information soon!

      Triton Tools

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  5. Triton Power Tools' Demonstration Workshops in Southern Africa, hosted by Greg De Villiers, provided hands-on woodworking lessons on creating a wall-mounted cabinet with a raised panel door. The Triton Router Table and accessories were showcased, and project plans were made accessible to attendees. The workshops will continue in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. lawyers for contract disputes


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