Monday 15 December 2014

Quality Woodwork; Factory Tour of Fechters South Africa

Fechters furniture manufacturer in Knysna, Western Cape, is the latest stop in our series of visits to masters of wood in South Africa. MornĂ© Smith is the operations manager for Fechters and showed us around their factory.  It is a fascinating place; one of the few yards where raw timber comes into the compound at one end and leaves the other end as finished goods.
Established in 1936, Fechters continues its commitment to the traditional “Cape Dutch style” designs and to training local young people to produce a high level of craftsmanship. 

That’s not to say this company is lost in the past: modern manufacturing processes and more contemporary designs coupled with old-fashioned skill and experience are producing some outstanding work.  Keep an eye out for the live edge table with a glass centre being finished prior to exhibition - the butterfly joint is a beautiful piece of work.


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