Tuesday 1 December 2015

How to build a wooden custom bike frame with bamboo

Back in August we visited the guys at In’Bô in France, a great young team making some really exciting products using innovative techniques fused with traditional materials.  

In this film, Pierre Thomas LeClaire talks us through the process of building a high-performance custom geometry bike. Using bamboo as the main frame component together with flax fibres bound by an organic resin, the end result is a truly unique sculpted-looking frame that is lightweight while at the same time shows amazing resilience in high-performance environments.  The process pulls together advanced design and construction processes with an intimate knowledge of the properties of their organic raw materials.

See this earlier post for an introduction to the team In Bo Introduction


  1. Bamboo is a fairly durable material to use. Working with him is a pleasure, he is malleable in processing.

  2. Do you think bamboo frame would serve longer than the one made from steal? I think it is worth trying. Hm, it might be an interesting senior project idea, thanks a lot

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