Thursday 10 December 2015

Making Lewes Festival – Kinship 2 - Creative Design-and-Make Challenge

Lewes is a small but ancient town in Sussex, England that has a rich tradition of craft, design and local manufacture that is still very much alive today. In September 2015 Triton sponsored a unique event hosted by Studio Hardie in their workshops as part of the Making Lewes Festival. 

Making Lewes is a community organisation that promotes the exchange of knowledge in the fields of Making, Architecture and Design & Sustainability. The Festival is now an annual event that hosts exhibitions, symposia, workshops and more.
Kinship is a design-and-make challenge within the festival that pulls together people from a range of different backgrounds and sets them a three-day challenge. Some are involved in craft, whilst others are designers, architects, sculptors and students. They are ably assisted by the skilled team at Studio Hardie, who help them to realise their concepts.  The process is very much a learning experience for those who attend, and explores concepts of design as well as the properties of a diverse range of materials on hand.

The Kinship project has a lot to do with the journey of discovery and collaborative thinking, as well as working together as a team. What is produced is more than a simple build project, it’s the collective output of many minds and hands working together. This short film illustrates some of the highlights of the project. If you are interested to find out more, check out the Making Lewes website:


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