Thursday 28 April 2016

How to build a Longboard

This is the next post from the amazing team at In’Bô in France, where they make really exciting products using innovative techniques fused with traditional materials.  

In this film we get to see the entire process from the construction of the laminated deck from layers of wood veneer, flax fibres and topped with their own marquetry deck.   To make such a high performance product you need to take real care in the storage and preparation of the wood. Temperature and humidity are critical factors in the preparation as is attention to detail in the finishing. The final product is very cool. 
Filmed in French this film has English subtitles.

See this earlier post for an introduction to the team at In’Bô
 If you are making your own high performance products with wood drop us a line  and you could feature here on the blog, leave a comment below or email


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