Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sharpening tips with Matt Cremona and April Wilkerson

Using really sharp tools is a great idea when your woodworking, it produces better results is really satisfying and is inherently safer as you apply less pressure and have more control with a sharp edge, this should not be a revelation to most of our readers.  But just what is the best way to get a really good edge on your tools? There are complete books on sharpening and guys who make a living from going round shows demonstrating techniques and selling all kinds of jigs and tools to make the job easier or more accurate. In reality the process is relatively simple and the tools you use are a lot more to do with personal preference and the size of your pocket book than anything else.    In this film Triton brand champions Matt Cremona and April Wilkerson look at the basics of sharpening a chisel and how that can be applied to many other tools. Check out Matt’s top tip for keeping an edge on your tools and avoid sharpening altogether.

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