Wednesday 5 August 2015

A New Age for Wood, meet In'Bô, the cool French design and make team for unique wooden sunglasses, wood bikes and awesome skateboards

This week’s post is from our #MastersofWood series and is the first from our recent visit to France.  To the east of the country, in a beautiful rural area called Les Vosges, we visited a relatively new start up business called In'Bô. This innovative group of guys met at the famous Enstib, an engineering school in Epinal specialising in the use of wood and natural fibres. Having graduated as engineers they wanted to make more practical use of their skills by starting a business. Thanks to some financial support from their local department they were able to get some premises and get up and running, designing and creating wooden eyewear, skateboards and bamboo bicycles.  This short film gives you an introduction to the team and the philosophy behind their business and their brand which is already growing a distinctive following (there’s some pretty great skateboard action too!).

If you want to see the full creative process and how to make wooden sunglasses, skateboards or bamboo bikes keep checking back as we'll be posting more videos from our trip to France over the next few weeks!

To find out more about the team at In'Bô ,visit


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