Friday 13 January 2017

Best original woodworking content of 2016

At the end of the year we wanted to share a review of some of the best original content from the Triton blog of 2016. It’s been a busy year for us filming in Europe and the USA to bring you stories about woodworkers and their lives, as well as sharing tips, ideas and book reviews. If you have any ideas for new content you would like us to produce in 2017 please do get in touch or leave a comment and thanks for connecting with us this year.

Timber Mountain Men Colorado A beautiful film in a stunning location high in the mountains above Colorado springs.

 PeytonHigh School Woods Program. A community determined to offer great vocational education brings disused buildings back to life with the support of awesome volunteers.  

Aprils Paintcabinet. Triton Brand Champion April Wilkerson shows you how to make a mobile paint cabinet for the workshop.

Makingspace, we visit the Dallas Makerspace an outstanding organisation giving people the opportunity to make and create together.

Architecturalmodel maker Charlie Palmer talks about the craft of putting a city block on your desktop

Marc Besnier a craftsman whose business Au Fil Du Bois makes quality wooden sleds and dog carriages

With the launch of the TWX7 workcentre two great makers demonstrated the versatility of this machine with their projects. George Vondriska from Woodworkes Guild ofAmerica demonstrates a simple picture frame  with no mitres and Chris Marshal from woodworkersJournal sets about making an heirloom tool chest.

In August we returned to catch up with Ben Crowe at Crimson guitars two years on from our initial visit to find a very different business and a happy guitar maker on great form.

Towards the end of the year we introduced our latest Brand Champion Matt Cremona from Minnesota USA with an insight into the man as well as some additional films made together with April Wilkerson. We will be seeing a lot more of both Matt and April in 2017.  

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