Friday 21 June 2013

Systeme D Visit to Yandles Timber Mills in Somerset

Best of the Woodworking Web - Art You Can Ride

Urban Tree to Bicycle from Jeff Diehl on Vimeo.
Blog post:
Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Woodworking in San Jose, CA, salvage condemned city trees, then build beautiful bicycles out of them. The story of these bikes goes from the felling of a family's guardian tree, through the woodworking process, and finally, the completion of art you can ride.

Check out the sweet San Francisco locations.

Original music by David Molina:

Unlimited Rebate Planer 750W TRP UL

17-position depth control for precise material removal, lock-off switch and adjustable auxiliary handle for added comfort. Left or right rear dust extraction. Power indicator. Removable blade drum system allows fitment of interchangeable sanding drum. Cutting capacities: width 82mm, depth 3mm. Weight 3.9kg.

Best of the Woodworking Web - Blair Sligar Woodworker, Craftsman

Grain & Gram: Blair Sligar, Woodworker from Grain & Gram on Vimeo.
Read the full interview with Blair Sligar, Woodworker here:

Music by Greg Perkins: