Thursday 26 June 2014

Iconic reproduction

Today's post will resonate with anyone who remembers there was a life before CD's. For those who are still confused, a CD came before downloads. Take an iconic shape from your youth and precisely reproduce it into a new form and use. Great design, brilliantly executed.
Thanks to Jeff Skierka Designs for sharing this .
Mixtape - from Jeff Skierka on Vimeo.

We would love to see other scale up reproductions, so if you have some to share get in touch

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Triton Book Recommendation

Routing for Beginners by Anthony Bailey.

This is the second revised and expanded edition of the book published in 2012. For anyone who is getting into woodworking, a router is one of those tools surrounded by an air of mystery and legend.  You know it will advance your craft but just understanding the terminology around the seemingly limitless cutter variations can be off putting.  Coupled with the wide variety of machines, the optional jigs and tables and the potential safety risks from such a high speed machine, it is easy to see why many people take a long time, if ever, to get round to owning their first router. The aptly titled Routing for Beginners would then seem a great place to start and in short, it is.  

There is a really gentle introduction that gives you some background to this most versatile of tool and a clear and concise description of the main features and functions covering a wide range of manufacturers. The book is much more than a glossary of terms in that it explores these features and explains which are actually going to be useful, based on the type of work you might want to be doing, with the router you will inevitably be going out to purchase by the time you get to the end of chapter 2.

The section on safety also looks at the ideal workshop requirements but recognises that most of us have to start with a corner of the garage before we are able to progress to the ideal shed.  Basic rule of thumb being that your workshop floor space should be N x 2 (where N is the size of your current workshop). 

The section on cutters gives clear descriptions of all the major types and some sage advice on which to buy into as a beginner, noting that creating your first raised panel door should probably take place after you have mastered simple straight cutters. That’s not to say this book leaves you in router kindergarten. By the close you are guided through several challenging projects for both the workshop and home, leaving you eager for more.

For many people woodworking is a solitary pastime where skills are learnt by trial and error. This book will enable the novice to make a sound start into the immensely rewarding world of routing feeling confident that they have an acknowledged expert on hand to guide them.

Routing for Beginners by Anthony Bailey is available from and other retailers online.


Friday 13 June 2014

Poltava, the amazing historic ship project

Building a wooden boat using modern techniques and equipment takes a huge amount of skill and precision woodworking. When you scale that up to a ship with displacement of up to 1,200 tonnes, the technical complexities that have to be overcome are enormous. What if your ambitious project is to faithfully recreate an Oak built fighting ship of the Russian Navy from 1712? Now you are on a whole new level of woodworking challenge! Check out these images of a work in progress right now in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is no backyard weekend hobby, this truly amazing project is testing men, materials and machines to the limits, in a purpose-built facility.
The team are using extensively researched construction plans, with very little surviving records to start with. They have the advantage of some modern tools to ensure they can faithfully reproduce the original lines, though huge technical challenges still lie ahead.

The following Russian language video gives you a good look round the yard and some of the work going on there right now. Check out the Triton Tools going through their paces on a really demanding hardwood project. You can find the video here: The Poltava build Video

The website for this project is in Russian but the miracle of Google translate does make it easy enough to understand what they are working on! Find out more about the project here: The Poltava Website

We will be coming back to the Poltava project to check on its progress in the months ahead. Let us know if you're planning a project of your own that you think the Tritonites would be keen to see.
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Thursday 5 June 2014

Some of Our Favourite Woodworking Blogs

In the same way we hope you love reading the Triton Tools blog, we enjoy surfing the woodworking web for the latest blogs and we want to share what we’ve found with you! Below are a couple of our favourites…

An Australian woodworker, Stu’s blog provides honest tool reviews, woodworking plans (including some of our very own) and handy tips.

Primarily an online tool store, Highland Woodworking created their blog in order to bring together all their woodworking resources in to one place to share with fellow woodworkers.

Do you have a favourite woodworking blog, or a blog of your own? If so, leave a comment below telling us where to find it and it could appear in the next post!