Friday 17 April 2015

Best of the Woodworking Web - How to Choose Timber for Woodworking

The week's post is from our best of the woodworking web collection.  If you are relatively new to woodworking, visiting a timber yard to buy your wood directly can be an intimidating experience.  However this short film takes some of the mystery out of the process and offers some really useful tips both on terminology and choosing the right kind of wood for your project.

Thanks to Wood & Shop for an excellent film.

Thursday 2 April 2015

Chainsaw Carving, Woodworking with Teeth

Much of the woodwork we see involves delicate measurements, precision cuts, and stable, square-edged, well-seasoned timber, with a degree of predictability about how that will behave. This week’s Master of Wood is Dave Lucas, whose work is from the other end of the spectrum.

Dave (aka Chainsaw Dave) creates extraordinarily detailed carvings in timber with - as his pseudonym suggests - a range of chainsaws. The process is very creative; Dave works by adapting to the vagaries of the timber selected for each specially-commissioned piece of work.  On the day we filmed him, in a very wet corner of Sussex, England, we were surprised to see the speed at which a form can emerge from the timber. He created such delicate details with what is (for many), such an aggressive and intimidating tool.  In this short film Dave explains the process from commission to production, including some interesting techniques for colouring the finish with a blow torch. 

You can see more of Dave’s work, including some terrific time-lapse sequences, on his web pages and If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else as a Master of Wood, please leave a comment and we could be along to share your work with the world.