Friday, 20 March 2015

Behind the Scenes at Studio Hardie - Meet the Men that Make

As woodworkers we know that the very best complex projects involve bringing together many different skills, materials and processes to produce an elegant, surprising and original piece. If you are doing that on a large scale against tight deadlines and often for a TV audience of millions, you need to gather around you a team of exceptional individuals,  the sum of whose talents regularly surpass what any one individual could achieve.  

This film introduces the team members at Studio Hardie, Triton Brand Champions, and the collective skill base behind the exceptional project builds for the Channel  4 TV series
George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, as well as a host of other public art projects, bespoke commissions, exhibition builds, and custom furniture and design challenges. Their simple philosophy to do unique things, to the highest possible standards, with a passion for carpentry and design is something we share. We will be following the team this year and showing more of their work as well as setting some design-and-make challenges to share with you on the blog.

Check out the Studio Hardie website where you can see more of their bespoke architecture and custom-made design ideas.

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