Wednesday 10 August 2016

Best of the WoodWorking Web- Natural Goods

Our Best of The Woodworking Web post tells the story of Luca Bressan, a designer born by The Dolomites; a mountain range located in north-eastern Italy.  His love for the ocean and wildlife created a 'cultural clash' between forest and saltiness. This short documentary by Marco Mucig 'Natural Goods' showcases Luca's passion for creating high performance surfboards using the best from nature. His idea of building surfboards and living in the mountains might sound crazy, but when Luca found out that madness was possible, the world became a different place.  His background as a product designer, growing up around nature and his innovative eye made his passion for surf shaping incredibly natural to allow him to create uniquely crafted surfboards that no one had achieved before.

For more information about Luca and his work, visit


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